What is Tokenomy?

Tokenomy is a value creation and distribution network. The platform enables an easy transformation of any valuable offering into blockchain tokens, allowing companies and organizations to distribute & exchange their tokens

Tokenomy also provides a marketplace for valuable tokens to be listed and traded on the crypto-only exchange


Each proposal will go through a thorough review by our team of experts


Your innovative ideas will be on many social media marketing platforms


Watch your dream comes to life! You can transform your concept into tokens easily


Token hosting process in Tokenomy is simple, convenient and secure

Market Exchange

In partnership with INDODAX, all tokens can be traded by more than 1,250,000 members

Market Snapshot

Updated: 2018-08-14 05:30:04 (UTC)




Vol: 1.44867249 BTC




Vol: 0.12364648 BTC




Vol: 0.02555823 BTC




Vol: 0.00000000 BTC




Vol: 0.02515189 BTC

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Pair Last Price 24h Change 24h High 24h Low 24h Volume
Pair Last Price 24h Change 24h High 24h Low 24h Volume
Pair Last Price 24h Change 24h High 24h Low 24h Volume

Tokenomy Mobile

Issuing Token

We will help issue your tokens, by handling all technical aspects and maintaining security. You can focus solely on your product development.


Every token issued will be broadcasted to everyone on the Tokenomy network. You will be able to publish further details about your token on your webpage to generate support.

Token Sale

Tokens can be bought with BTC, ETH, Waves and TEN. Tokenomy provides the crypto gateway and escrow service to ensure security.


All tokens issued from Tokenomy will be listed on the Tokenomy exchange, and will be tradable immediately with other tokens.

1,250,000+ Members

By partnering with INDODAX, the largest digital asset exchange in Southeast Asia, your token will be accessible by more than one million community members.

Experienced Team

We have 4 years of experience managing the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia. You can rely on our expertise to achieve exponential growth for your projects.

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