Dual Currency Risk Disclosure & Disclaimer

Key risks Involved in dual currency investment product

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Risk. If the investment currency or the linked currency is not your base currency, and you choose to convert the investment proceeds back to your base currency at maturity, your returns could be affected negatively or positively due to exchange fluctuations. If you have to exchange from other currencies into the investment currency for the purpose of wealth management, there is also foreign exchange risk in this as well.
  2. Return and Principal Risk. You must recognise the possibility of loss caused by exchange rate fluctuation. Such loss may offset the investment return earned on the investment and may even result in losses in the principal amount of the investment.
  3. No Early Redemption Risk. You are not allowed to redeem all or part of the dual currency investment prior to maturity. Please ensure you have made adequate provision for emergency cash needs.
  4. Counterparty Risk. Your deposits are subject to the credit risk of Tennet Technologies Inc. and its 3rd party product providers, namely Amber Technologies Limited and Matrix Finance and Technologies Holding Company.
  5. Not Insured. A dual currency investment is not an insured deposit for the purposes of the Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation Act 2011.


By placing a Dual Currency Investment, you are giving the issuer of this product the right to repay you at a future date in an alternate currency that is different from the currency in which your initial investment was made, regardless of whether you wish to be repaid in this currency at that time. Dual currency investment is subject to cryptocurrency exchange fluctuations, which may affect the returns of your investment. You may incur a loss on your principal sum in comparison with the base amount initially invested. You may wish to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase this product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser, you should carefully consider whether this product is suitable for you. This does not purport to identify all the risks which may be associated with a dual currency investment.

This disclaimer is prepared by Tennet Technologies Inc. for information purposes only and should not be construed as an offer to sell, recommend, or solicit the purchase of any investment product, enter into any transaction or adopt any investment strategy. Tennet Technologies makes no representation and/or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of this information and is not liable for any errors or omissions herein, nor shall it be liable for any losses arising out of any person's reliance upon this information. This statement is not intended to provide personal investment advice and no consideration has been given to the particular investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any recipient. Investors should therefore rely on their own judgment and/or seek financial, legal and other advice in making their investment decisions. Any information contained herein is subject to change at any time, without prior notice.