Unlock the Value of Your NFT Collections

Borrow against your precious NFTs to free up some cash while they appreciate in value

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How to Apply?


Submit a Request

Send in a request by filling out the application form. Currently we only accept NFTs with appraised values of more than $50,000.


Review & Appraise

Our team will review the request and obtain an appraisal for your NFT.


Get Your Loan

If your NFT collateral is approved, we will send you a loan agreement and you can take some cash away!

Supported NFT Collaterals

As NFT space is fairly new and liquidity is limited, we will be supporting the most recognizable NFT collections first. If your NFTs are not purchased from the approved marketplaces, please contact us for more information.

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Benefit of NFT Loans

Leverage on your NFT

Unlock the value of your NFT while holding it for long term price appreciation.

No Credit Checks

Get approved based on the value of your NFT, without further checks on your credit history.

Borrow in IDK

The borrowed fund will be given in IDK to meet your spending needs.

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